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DNA Multimedia

TV Plasma 42" and 32" Orion Plasma LED P 6,7
Trukios-K 17" and 42" Video Live Cam Documentasi Video and Foto
Mapping Editior TVC Drone
LCD Projecrtor Screen Build Up Tripod Screen


foodDNA multimedia adalah Back support Multimedia dan brand afiliasi pada semua aspek multimedia content yg meliputi below the line dan above the line promo material, menggunakan multimedia tools seperti hd plasma,high ansilumen projektor ,kios-k,apps , ipad dan visual clip yang terintergrasi dalam brand activation rich media content ke publik secara massiv dan efektif

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Our Features

room 1
Sound and Lighting

Provides sound system for indoor and outdoor live event withmost advance modern high end soundsystem spec range such as RCF, Dynachord to midas Mixer Control and many best standart equipment

  • Moving Lights
  • Laser Beam
  • light fixtures
  • Truss and Rigging
  • Staging Platforms
  • Power Distribution
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room 2

We are prepared with a fleet of vehicles to delivery,construction system and professional technicians who can help at any Solution to make your event a success

  • LED In and Outdoor
  • Video Dokumentasi
  • Foto Dokumentasi
  • Mapping
  • Editor
  • Live Cam
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Booth and Concept

Our finest displays for marketing, information, brand building and presentations at events, in shopping malls, at expo, at trade shows, at press conferences etc

  • Branding
  • Concept
  • 3 D
  • Creative
  • Unique
  • Inovative
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